Math at Home Fraction Grid

This activity can be used on a regular basis to enhance fraction learning at home. Simply choose one or more of the activities from the Fraction Grid to complete. The activities are based on essential strategies that children need to develop to become proficient in fractions.

All these activities are designed to be completed at home, so it is a perfect homework grid for students or a supporting document for children who are participating in Home Schooling. The activities are hands–on and practical to ensure that real life learning in mathematics is achieved.

There are 9 activities in the grid including;

  1. Lego Fractions
  2. Fraction Picnic
  3. Pizza Fractions
  4. Fraction Bingo
  5. Skittle Fractions
  6. Fraction Ice-Cream Cone
  7. Comparing Fractions with Dominoes
  8. Fractions Artwork
  9. Fraction Battle
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