Word Endings Puzzle

This product contains 3 word endings and 15 base words on puzzle pieces. Cut out each puzzle piece and laminate.

This is a great small group activity to promote correct articulation of sentences and to assist students in correctly selecting the endings of words. Perfect for young students or students learning English as a second language.


  • Place all base words in one pile and the three word endings on the table.
  • Students take turns choosing a base word and selecting a word ending to match with it.
  • The first student matches a base word with a word ending. He/she puts the two puzzle pieces together and articulates a sentence with the word that they have pieced together.
  • The student puts the word ending back on the table and the base word at the bottom of the pile for the next student.
  • As a group, discuss if the words/ sentences sound correct. Some of the words will not match with all the word endings.

There are 3 word endings and 15 base words.

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