Number Card Game  - 2D Shapes

Do you need a maths game to use as an introduction to 2D shapes? Or do you simply need a maths game you can take on any casual day to engage a class? Here is a great maths game that all students will love. It also assists students in identifying 2D shapes.

Simply print and laminate the cards to play. There are 18 cards in the pack.

Instructions to play include;

  • Give each student in your class a card, All cards need to be used so some students might have two or more cards.
  • Stand in a circle and ask one student to read out their card.
  • Students need to listen to see if the name of the shape on their card matches the picture of the shape on the card being called out.
  • If all shapes are identified correctly every card should be used.
  • Students should sit down once their card is read so everyone is aware what cards have already been used.

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