Our Story

In 2018 two teachers had a discussion with several university students about how to make the big leap from university to the classroom. The questions came thick and fast and that’s when Casual Case evolved.

  • How do we know what to teach?
  • How do we get our teaching number?
  • How do we plan and program learning activities when we are on teaching blocks?
  • What resources can I use for behaviour management?
  • How can I be ready to teach any grade with very little notice?

As teachers we wanted to help and mentor university graduates to assist them in their transition into the workforce. We also wanted to provide our students with engaging and valuable learning experiences even when their class teacher is absent. So how could we do this?

The answer was to have an organised online library of resources that could be taken anywhere and accessed quickly. Just like an online briefcase. That is how Casual Case was created!

We realised that Casual Case will help all Casual teachers, not just graduates. We also realised that Casual Case will help classroom teachers who need quick resources to support their own programs.

We want to build this online resource for you. If you have any feedback or requests on information and resources that you need, please fill out the form below.

"We are just teachers trying to help other teachers."

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